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NO HARM FOUNDATION’s science-based nutrition and diet program called the “Spectrum Balance® Protocol” has been successfully reversing Autism and other Autism Spectrum Disorders in thousands of children and adults for over 10 years. Autism and ASD’s are truly a modern times health epidemic that is as bad or worse than Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Obesity.

The current U.S. statistics support that 1 out of 60 or more children are now being “diagnosed” with some degree of Autism. The rates of incidence vary from State to State, and are dramatically higher in many other countries and regions of the world. When also taking into account the number of children and adults who are affected by related conditions clinically labeled as PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorders, etc., combined with all those who have symptoms but have received no diagnosis, the aggregate numbers of those who are affected become truly staggering.

At NO HARM FOUNDATION we believe the time has come to shout from the rooftops that America’s incredibly poor eating habits and diets are a major cause for all of these diseases, including Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have proven that ASD’s can most often be reversed by close adherence to our landmark Spectrum Balance® Protocol plan.

About Shauna K. Young, Ph.D., CTN

About Shauna K. Young

Dr. Shauna Young is the owner and Medical Director of the Assertive Wellness Research Center of Durango, CO, which first opened its doors in 2001. Since its humble beginnings, her center has now to date had the distinct pleasure of seeing thousands of clients who have had the confidence to travel from every U.S. State and even several foreign countries based almost exclusively on referrals from other practitioners and clients who have been pleased with the consultation, products and help.

What Dr. Shauna has been able to identify is a major contributing cause and successful reversing remedy for possibly the majority of childhood and adult cases of ADD, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and various degrees of classic Autism, which few seem to want to address, believe or even talk about. Both the villains and champions associated with this problem are the foods we are all providing with the expectation of proper nutrition to our developing infants and young children, and this revelation is surely destined to soon change the ways that many foods today are processed, labeled and consumed.

So why do so many seem to want to dismiss this revolutionary research? Possibly too simple to believe? Does it challenge, shake and knock down too many preconceived notions as to what Autism and other Spectrum Disorders actually are? Or could it be that because Dr. Shauna’s treatment Protocol heavily focuses on uncomplicated, inexpensive & un-patentable nutritional and dietary components, it just appears to many in the multi-billion dollar industry currently and aggressively ramping up for long-term and expensive management of such an oppressive foe and sympathetic cause… that there’s simply not enough money in it?

We don’t fully know, but we’re overly-frustrated with waiting for the medical communities alone to enthusiastically pick up and help carry this non-conforming science forward with us, so we reached the decision to do our best to take it straight to the people who need the information so badly: The hundreds of thousands if not millions of families out there who are suffering under the physical, emotional and financial burdens of these misunderstood enemies that viciously attack their children without any apparent known causes, treatments or cures to attach their hopes to.

With the practical limitations of our unilateral research, we quite honestly have no way of knowing how many or what percentage of children and adults who exhibit symptoms both within and outside the Autism Spectrum will directly benefit from this Protocol. But let us just say that with regards to the many clients who have had the ability to visit Shauna and have strictly followed her dietary regime, she has seen somewhere between undeniable improvement and complete reversal and elimination of symptoms in a large majority of cases. We now hope that whatever measure of success may be achieved by countless families on their own will create sufficient energy to stimulate the necessary change in the perception around and research in solving this worldwide problem.

So what is our primary purpose in publicly releasing this information?

Is this in any way a declaration or claim of unique knowledge and complete victory over the foes of Autism and related disorders that are plaguing our world in ever-increasing proportions? No

Does this represent the outcome and revelations of many years and millions of dollars of research in the development and production of a device, drug or even a natural supplement that we will market with the intention of decisively crushing Autism? No

For the many out there who always seem to be expecting that solitary and simple answer for optimal wellness that will not require any pesky changes in your choices or priorities in life, you might be a little frustrated to some degree with the information presented here. There is neither now, nor will there ever be, that miraculous pill that will allow you to deny the bodies of yourself or of your children, the necessary levels of proper nutrition that will support your wondrous bodily systems in doing their respective jobs in crucial function and synergy. In these days of overwhelming amounts of confusing marketing and constant misinformation and disinformation, your persistent and voracious self-education on these all important subjects is the only answer. Fortunately for you, this particular information will supply a great push toward your personal journey.

Let us say right here up front, as we likewise state numerous times in the written materials, that in no way is Dr. Shauna claiming that she has somehow divined the full or final answers to either the causes, avoidances or solutions to Autism. We have no doubt that there are any number of factors that are contributing to this wide range of syndromes and symptoms, and far be it from us to claim knowledge or revelation of some one-size-fits-all cause or remedy.

What we are saying however, is that the commonalities that she first observed in 2005, followed by theorized and refined courses of dietary modification often combined with simple and natural supplementation, have resulted in positive and sustained symptomatic improvements that have consistently changed the lives of at very least hundreds of individuals and their families in ways that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Maybe even more extraordinary to behold, is the utter lack of appreciation and belief in the process that Dr. Shauna has received back from the many attempts to share her findings with the peer medical communities and even with numerous organizations with the adopted mission statement of ridding the world of Autism within our lifetimes. How would they like to change their focus to reversing a substantial majority of the problem within the next few years? Could you justify holding off on scheduling a couple of your next 10-K runs, banquet dinners and conventions if you could just shift your preconceptions and resigned acceptance of what Autism really is, and just lend us a hand here?

On that note, this is not a message about casting around blame, alleging disingenuous intention or action, or specifically naming names of those in the Autism communities that may be taking positions and postures that we see as counter-productive to the greater cause. This is about bringing to all the eyes and ears open to divergent thought, what we know to be an intriguing story of our growing understanding of a global challenge to physical, psychological and mental health that if not brought into more accurate focus, will be destined to negatively affect the development, happiness and social productivity of millions more children and adults of our world.

Our primary intent with this shared informational release is just to challenge and shake you up a bit. To stretch your comfort zone and perceptions about the sources and causes of “disease” and other conditions, and especially with regard to Autism Spectrum and related disorders. We see this as the only way that true help is going to brought about in short order to the current and the next generations of children worldwide. Endless time, research and dollars dumped into the black hole of genetic and pharmacological research is definitely not the exclusive answer.

What we are sincerely talking about here is that once this information becomes broadly understood, accepted and exponentially implemented, it is truly destined to change and improve upon many aspects of how we look at our priorities and responsibilities in supplying early nutrition to our children and how food products are processed, labeled and consumed.

It is our sincere desire that by stimulating broader private and professional interest and attention to what we have been fortunate and blessed enough to accomplish over the last several years, we will be joined by countless more researchers and clinicians who will help further develop this science and refine the process for the betterment of all mankind.


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