A Few Important Words Regarding the Potential & Future of the Natural Medical Sciences

Doug Young


It’s a great public disservice that a good portion of Americans don’t really even know what a Naturopath is, or does. Although the percentage of the populace who demonstrate confidence in and use of “alternative” sciences, grows with each and every year, in reality, natural medicine is not yet on anywhere close to an even playing field with what has been self-proclaimed as “conventional” medicine under the modern western, or allopathic, medical philosophies. In all truth, Naturopathic medical practices have been dominant and embraced in cultures of the world far longer than any “modern” practices, but now days the notion of the body’s natural and incomparable self-healing ability has been far eclipsed by the modern juggernaut industries of synthetic pharmaceuticals and sickness management.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

Consider that when a person responds favorably to “conventional” medicine, the medical arts and practitioners are properly given full credit, but when the outcome is less than hoped for, or even a catastrophic failure, it’s often chalked up to “all that could have been done, was done”. In striking contrast, when a person responds favorably to any of a multitude of processes that have been so-deemed “alternative” by the medical establishment at large, then frequently little or no credit is attributed to the practitioner or course of care, which is dismissed as “anecdotal”, some form of coincidence or an otherwise invalid proof of real success. But conversely, if the health progress for the individual is anything less than best expectations or grows unfavorable, then the practitioner and alternative course of care are generally condemned with full blame for any resulting outcome. Quite a dichotomy isn’t it?

Further, if a natural practitioner attempts to attribute any portion of his or her effectiveness to any particular technology or device, then that technology or device will surely be challenged as to such effectiveness by the medical establishment. And, if any resulting client success is associated with any suggested dietary protocol or course of supplementation, then any such protocols or products will likewise be subjected to inevitable challenge. Always remember that technology and products are nothing more than tools in the hands of competent practitioners – naturopathic and allopathic alike. Therefore, proper “knowledge” for both the teacher and the student is the only real key to your long-term wellness and success, and never forget that.

The proper practice of traditional natural medicine relies heavily on the principal that a holistic wellness program must be specifically customized and adjusted to each individual. Although we are confident that many primary philosophies of natural medicine are applicable to and effective for the population at large, it is unreasonable and improper to give the impression or for you to assume that the ways that your body, or your child’s body, will react to changes in diet, supplementation, toxicity and lifestyle, will closely simulate the experience of others, your neighbor or even of a family member.

This tendency towards over-simplification of the process many times leads people to feel and assume that any two people with apparently similar symptoms and/or health and wellness goals will respond in the same way after consultation, assessment and assistance through us or any other healthcare practitioners. The unrealistic assumption that we all progress in the same way or move along the same path and timeline can lead to disappointment. Your ultimate success with your health and wellness such goals will be a direct function of your individual circumstances and your desire and compliance in following any recommendations made to you.

Please be aware that a conscientious Naturopath will never direct or even advise you to stop consulting with any physician of your choice or to reduce or discontinue any medications or other treatments that have been prescribed to you. Medications you may be currently taking were prescribed by your physician(s) because of your symptoms and/or condition by test results. If any of your symptoms are reduced over time through alternative processes, then you must always consult with your physicians regarding any potential changes with those medications.

Remember that reaching an unhealthy state-of-being doesn’t happen overnight, and unfortunately neither does the journey back to wellness. The primary intention and duty of Traditional Naturopaths is to provide you with added information, education and choices, consistent with your Constitutional rights, regarding your health and wellness. After all, it’s your body, so this should be your choice.

The Great Worldwide Health Crisis Today

It seems like virtually everyone today is on one or many prescription medications, for everything from mood and cholesterol control for toddlers to sexual enhancement for 90-year-olds – we all seem to need our meds! It has been well-documented that millions of needless prescriptions for antibiotics are written by physicians each year in assumed defense against the cause of the common cold and other viral pathogens, which in reality are completely unaffected by antibiotics. But their patients might feel completely unsatisfied if they left their medical offices or emergency rooms without something in hand in exchange for their time and medical bills, so a doctor’s prescription for drugs might often suffice.

Not only are inappropriate drugs unnecessary and costly, but their overuse promotes progressive toxicity and suppressed natural immune function in users and even result in drug-resistant pathogens as has been historically demonstrated in the case of penicillin. A single copy of the annually published journal dedicated to detailing the possible contraindications and side-effects of these drugs, the Physicians Desk Reference, now weighs nearly 10 pounds.

Despite the fact that a new disease du jour (maybe more accurately, “scare” du jour) seems to constantly appear or loom menacingly on the horizon that surely promises to be the next super-epidemic that we are all conditioned to expect (SARS, Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc.), statistics seem to suggest that the average life expectancy continues to creep upward. So should this fact by itself be evidence that the medical community at large is acting as good custodians of the pubic health? Are real answers actually being looked for and achieved to deal with disease and improve the quality and quantity of life for us all?

The Protection of Natural Medicine & Proper Nutrition – Our Only True Answer

It’s often said that knowledge is power. Then it surely follows that those who attempt to suppress and deny information to the public on topics of great importance, do so in a conscious attempt to rob power from individuals and thereby exercise undue control over them for whatever reasons and purposes. This is certainly the case with the control, representation and suppression of information regarding the true nature and sources of proper health and sustainable wellness.

Although natural, alternative and preventative medical arts have been in existence a great amount of time longer than modern western (allopathic) medicine, the later has delivered a severe beating on its predecessor for so long that the public at large is the equivalent of brainwashed, which has ushered in and nourished the current successful business model of modern medicine wherein we all act as victims; helplessly and reactively awaiting the ravages of illness until such time that the drug industry rescues us all with their synthetic, colorful panaceas for our every concern in life from cradle to grave.

Natural medicine will always be capable of supplying viable and even superior options for individuals so long as misguided government regulation isn’t allowed to be put in place that will limit the choices for all. So in this dogmatic and restrictive medical paradigm we currently live under, we strongly feel that it’s up to each individual and family to educate themselves on the full spectrum of available medical options, to be free to choose their courses of care, and to be the final judges as to their satisfaction with the outcome and adopted path to wellness. The public needs to strongly protect their freedom and choice, or both will surely continue to be limited by the forces that have something to gain from the absence of such options. Your informed decisions and more-healthy future is all that really matters to us.

We strongly feel that you must be assertive about your own wellness in order to understand and maximize your body’s innate potential to overcome health obstacles and maintain your sustainable wellness. Educate yourself with the many available resources. If you ever feel frustration regarding the restricted and lower-tier status that natural medicine and alternative care continue to occupy in the U.S., then try not to channel that frustration towards the many battling alternative practitioners, but instead write, call and inform your elected officials that you wish them to preserve and protect your medical freedoms.

Many people just need to wake up and take charge of the lives of themselves and their children. With any luck, maybe this exemplary natural work with Autism Spectrum Disorders will provide a sufficient catalyst for further public and professional interest.

Only together, will the paradigm shift.







Are there any “New” Ideas about Autism being Given Due Attention?

Shauna K. Young, PhD, CTN

April 2011


Shouldn’t the point of a national Autism Awareness Month be to bring attention to new progress and hope? Each year, countless frustrated families are anxious for new and effective ways to deal with these disorders and I think it’s time to take stock of what is truly important to be “aware” of.

Instead of rehashing the same stagnant information that encourages people to simply “accept” the absence of forward progress, we believe that this Autism Awareness Month should instead draw attention to the following:

Awareness of the fact that despite many years and countless millions of dollars of public contributions toward research for ailments that strike higher percentages of our children than any other, the international incidences of autism are actually continuing to steadily rise with no apparent abatement.

Awareness of the realization that despite the chest thumping rhetoric from politicians to make great strides toward real answers for their constituents, the reality is glaringly apparent that next to nothing has been learned or at least contributed to the cause by government in decades.

Awareness of the fact that the medical insurance industry, under its own uncertain challenges and fates, is understandably scared to death about extending coverage for affected families when they see this as a bottomless money pit with no expectations for positive and sustained outcomes.

Awareness of the growing frustration with the Autism advocacy organizations that form de facto rudders for the directions of research, intervention and treatment, which are now even subject to public protests at fundraising events due to perceived lack of solid positive progress.

Awareness of the 600 pound gorilla in the room that is little spoken about, that for all intents and purposes, the world seems to be silently and effectively casting aside the countless number of current cases of autism as you might with people who are brain damaged or have received genetic short straws, in exchange for quests for earlier detection and short-sighted vaccine research.

I strongly believe that the high majority of the incidences of these and many other psychological and behavioral conditions in both children and adults are being directly caused or at the very least greatly contributed to, by improper food and nutritional choices and other avoidable environmental factors. I wholeheartedly agree that the trend toward early detection practices is a positive one, but only because catching more childhood cases of these disorders sooner means that specific dietary intervention can be all the more corrective, rapid and lastingly effective.

Although there has not yet been a funded clinical study on our work, I have  personally seen hundreds of cases, and received back confirmations from countless others to validate that our dietary protocol is delivering both clinical and family-managed results for a diverse multitude of individuals on a consistent basis.  I know that these days everyone and their brother seem to have their own theory about what constitutes proper and improper nutritional practices. However, in this particular case, I believe that the rapid positive results we’re consistently producing with ASD’s are undeniable and self-evident.

We are increasingly confident that not only can we greatly reduce the human and financial costs of future occurrences of these disorders, but using food-based therapies we can also improve or reverse a high percentage of existing cases. Once the research community at large decides to join us, we’ll do even better.