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An Important Message Regarding World Health

man with strong defence

With all the crazy and ramped up news headlines, combined with gaping voids in proper or actionable information, it’s no surprise at all that we at Assertive Wellness are getting increasing questions about the best strategies to try to stay safe against the nasty bugs going around out there.

By and large you’ll find that areas of the globe that are most likely to experience large outbreaks of illness typically involve populations very short on adequate nutrition and sanitation. Both of these deficiencies lead to compromises in the most powerful weapon against disease on the planet – the healthy human immune system, and without it, pathogens can easily get the upper hand.

Our immune system may be the most under-appreciated aspect of our daily lives. Most of us are oblivious to the nonstop battles occurring within our bodies that simultaneously combat countless biological intruders to levels that the most sophisticated and modern medications and vaccines could only dream of. But why do some people fall victim to disease when others around them seem to thrive unscathed? There are very good reasons for this.

Since most of the actions of a healthy immune system are done in a “stealth” mode, the wars that wage inside us may be most accurately likened to being conducted by teams of special forces, because like the best missions done by a team of Navy SEALS, the work is often accomplished in the dark of night and thanklessly without much acknowledgement or fanfare.

Will a healthy and vigilant immune system avoid the possibility of getting ill in every case? Absolutely not, as the forces that make us sick, especially viruses, are constantly mutating to try to mask detection and increase their viability. However, what your natural defenses are designed to do in every case is to improve what we like to call the three “R’s”:

Recognition – The speed at which the immune system notices and recognizes an invader. This denies the bug the ability to gain a stronghold before the cavalry comes to the rescue

Response – The effectiveness of crafting and mounting the appropriate defense

Recovery – Enabled and dictated by the first two, this is the measure of how long and to what severity the whole process takes before getting back to feeling normal

The ability to speed through the three R’s makes all the difference between the person who takes two days being fully sick from a flu bug and the person living next door who takes two weeks. The vast majority of the time your body is in fighting mode, you only experience something between no change whatsoever, to that “somewhat off” feeling, and are for the most part unaware of the multi-staged conflicts taking place. Take confidence in that without this miraculous fighting machine, our human race would have been handily wiped from the planet by crafty viruses eons ago.

Besides all the potentially scary stuff out there, many people are still under financial pressures that can influence the choices made about their nutritional supplements. Therefore we are also frequently asked to prioritize and suggest the “least” number of supplements that should be taken on a regular basis.

For years, the #1 most reordered product here at AWC has been our proprietary enzyme complex – the most current version being called Enzyme Spectrum Complete. Most of our regular clients know that our three top selling products are in order, Enzyme Spectrum Complete, 4Life Transfer Factor and our Omega-3 Optima, and in fact we make these three supplements available as often as possible as a combination product special to do our best to save money for our clients and help them maintain their healthy states.

In these uncertain times, our #1 piece of advice to all of you is actually no different than we would have told you over the last decade or more – eat well and feed your immune system. Buy the best quality whole foods that you can find and afford, and we have absolutely no better suggestion for bolstering your immune system than daily use your chosen version of Transfer Factor products – Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, Transfer Factor Plus, Transfer Factor Chewable or Transfer Factor RioVida. We have many years of clinical experience with these products and have seen them work like no others.

If you find that your current budget dictates the use of a fewer number of supplements at this time, then we might suggest that your first priority right now is your preferred Transfer Factor product. After that, we would always recommend staying on our Enzyme Spectrum Complete, followed closely by our Omega-3 Optima and additionally one of our excellent probiotic products since probiotics support a healthier digestive system, which actually in turn promotes a strong and healthier immune system.

We are here to try to assist you with your questions and product needs to the best of our ability. Stay strong, and stay informed to a level that promotes that strength without finding yourself surrendering to counterproductive fear. You already possess the most magnificent weapon in existence in countering the worst that this world can offer up. Acknowledge it and do your best to build and protect it!