First Phase

Typically the first 4-8 weeks on the program are the most important to the pace of your progress, and during this time we ask that you eat foods predominately from the “Best” columns with all others from the “Moderation” columns. If you do not have a healthcare practitioner helping you monitor your program, then you will want to strictly stay in Phase 1 as long as you are seeing building progress

Second Phase

Typically the remainder of at least your first 3-6 months on the program. Although we ask that you always consider the Best Choices that we recommend for the vast majority of your dietary needs, it will become less imperative that you completely avoid all foods in our “Don’t Eat” category. Again, you alone set and control the pace of your progress, but a little “cheating” here and there in Phase 2 should not be of any major consequence

Third Phase

Once you have been able to see how your body is reacting to the dietary changes over the first 3-6 months, most people are able to start eating with more balance within all three categories, but you should always remember what your body has told you about what’s best for you and continue to eat in a more healthy pattern in order to preserve your highest level of wellness. Continue to avoid grains and legumes and minimize consumption of dairy on an ongoing basis

Below is a simple example of how the various food categories are structured within our Spectrum Balance® Protocol PDF download. In each of the many categories we clearly designate which whole foods to consume and avoid during the 3 different phases of the program.


Best Choices Eat Only in Moderation Don’t Eat at All for Now!
Acerola Apples & Applesauce Bananas
Apricots Avocado Blackberries
Cantaloupe Melon Casaba Melon Blueberries
Cherries – Black Cherries – Red & white Boysenberries
Clementines, Cuties Cranberries – Raw, dried, sauce Coconut – Raw or dried
Currants – Black Currants – Zante Elderberries
Gooseberries Dates Grapes
Grapefruit – Pink, red, white Figs Pineapple