You don’t like hearing that? Does this position seem in any way harsh, overly pessimistic or cynical? Well for your consideration, this is just a dose of tough love compiled from observations and research we have undertaken over the last seven years, combined with logical forward conclusions based around the illogical modus operandi of our “modern” medical research and testing paradigm.

But for all of you who are seeking real answers and help for your families because you’re currently doing your best to deal with various degrees of Autism, don’t feel that this seemingly dead-end proclamation applies exclusively to you, because the title of this writing could be just as accurate if you substitute for “Autism”, any of the words “Obesity”, “Diabetes”, “Heart Disease” or even the big C-word “Cancer”. This post may be a little long, but I hope that anyone who actually desires to see real answers for the biggest challenges to the health and future of our world will put on their thinking-cap and bear with me for just a few minutes.

Our conventional modern health system is completely broken, and without the highly unlikely prospect of ripping it out by its very deep roots, the terminal flaws are not going to be repaired. This is a formidable beast that knows very well how to feed itself, and one quite comfortable with where it resides. The only substantial protection for we the people, is to aggressively educate ourselves and do everything in our power to protect and preserve our rights and freedom for independent choices and options regarding the health and medical care for our families. Ongoing access to nonconforming information will always represent your most effective tool.

Now I know that this prospect may not ring a happy note with the many who would be far more comfortable with their continuing blind belief that what we have surrendered and entrusted over the decades to the medical and drug establishment has been utilized in good faith and with the best of intentions, but folks, maybe our loudest wake up call to date has now arrived. Adults may choose to ignore and abuse themselves as they please, but the skyrocketing rate of Autism that is savaging our youth and threatening no less than the very fabric of global society is now the latest and most caustic symptom of the even more massive problem.

Face it people – we’re all suffering under the biggest and most dangerous marketing scam in history. We’ve turned the control and future of our most prized possession in life – our health, over to bureaucratic whim, the processed food monopolies, and a massively powerful for-profit pharmaceutical industry that hocks their wares to us using the very same strategies and tactics that have been applied to create motivations and promote our need for and regular consumption of everything from potato chips, to video games to the latest and greatest pair of sneakers.

But I don’t mean to digress, because I probably grabbed your attention to this rant because of the provocative title that makes reference to the disturbing topic of Autism. Well, as both opening evidence and as a bottom-line summary of my premise, let me recap the completely obvious:

A couple of decades of massive effort and hundreds of millions of public, foundational, governmental and corporate bucks have been dumped into this apparent black hole of research…and to what current status? By any measure, the statistics depicting the impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s) have gotten worse, not better, each and every few years – now diagnosed in at least 1 in every 60 children. Putting this figure in tragic perspective, that’s more kids than are being stricken by diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome – all combined.  

May I now please call for any evidence in pleading the case that the system is somehow working??

The passionate front line in these efforts has always been and remains the countless individuals and families out there who have been contributing their time and money with the best hopes of bringing help to those in their lives who are already affected. Now virtually all they continue to hear back from the de facto leadership in the fight is that next to nothing has yet to be revealed, but the battle must go on at all cost and our best strategies now lie in earlier detection of symptomatic toddlers and in prayers that the drug empire will arrive on its proverbial white horse delivering a bucket of new pills and vaccines along with cooked-up pitches for ill-fated attempts to reduce future incidences by some ridiculously small margins. So the same folks who have been championing the efforts all along are now being left holding the empty bag, while holding their still suffering children.

Our organization fully appreciates the loud and frantic debate that there may indeed be a multitude if not a hundred different and interacting factors that are contributing to ASD’s alone, so yes, the detective work is laborious to say the least. However we truly believe that when considering the unprecedented escalation in diagnosed cases over the last couple of decades, logic suggests that there may be no more than a handful of contributing factors that are actually responsible for the vast portion of the straight up spike in incidence.

So for us, rather than devote our resources toward trying to locate 95% of the hundred or more triggers responsible for maybe 5% of the cases of Autism, we choose to try to target and isolate the 5% of factors that just may be responsible for 95% of the spike in occurrence.

This strategy just seems to make the most sense at this critical point in time.

I don’t wish to come off as some Gloomy-Gus here, so as to not bury the lead story and have you go off and pull a blanket over yourself in a corner somewhere, let me first share with you that there are indeed real answers here currently, with more on the way, for the causes, reversal and prevention of ASD’s along with a broad array of many of the other most prominent conditions that are plaguing the health of hundreds of millions of children and adults of our world. But if you’re sitting around waiting for the drug companies and/or the FDA to tell you about them and bestow their blessings, then we’ll still be having this same discussion twenty years from now. Don’t take this as a call for or any expectation of overthrowing the system. My only intent here is to present a logical case that might get a few more people out there to wake up and smell the complete inefficiency of the very parties that they are expecting will uncover and deliver the answers. It seems to us that the only viable interim solution is to have more people gain the education and empowerment to take charge of things for themselves.

First let me start by asking for a telling show of hands: How many of you out there, when you picture in your mind the drug industry, think of a bunch of guys in white research coats with name badges, eyeglasses, comb-over hair, Petri dishes and test tubes who are selflessly and sleeplessly laboring and endeavoring to find cures for the medical woes of the planet? One… two… I see a few hands going up out there. You folks can go back to sleep now.

And how many out there believe in the long perpetuated scenario that despite the fact that the drug empire certainly needs to remain viable and highly profitable in order to continue to serve as the vigilant and steadfast guardians of public health, the vast majority of the people and intentions of this industry still no doubt offer our best and greatest hope in advancing public health in the face of ever-mounting challenges to our wellness and healthy lifespan? A few more hands are up now, but you folks are still living in a dream world, so start studying-up while there’s any time left. There’s plenty of research and exposes available out there that have been written on this subject, so just do a little searching.

So does that mean that we and the rest of you still without your hands raised believe in the inherent and pervasive “evil” of Big Pharma, the FDA and the rest of the entrenched medical establishment? Absolutely not. We may just logically recognize that there are far more business interests behind creating long-term, symptom-mitigating treatment strategies, than in finding natural, non-patentable and non-proprietary means to do the same, or in teaching simple and effective preventative practices (God forbid…). We simply believe that this is a case where the public have unwittingly allowed a fox to be in charge of the henhouse and are now expecting unrealistic results.

The primary foundational platform for nutrition and the other natural sciences is the validated assumption that whether your personal belief is that our human race originated through divine creation, millions of years of tweaking evolution, or because we were dumped off hitchhikers from passing extraterrestrial travelers, the fact is that the human body with all its countless integrated systems and functions is a true miracle to behold. And when it works, it works with extraordinary efficiency. Therefore the first area of investigation and suspicion that a natural practitioner looks to when there is disruption of wellness in a person, is what aspects aren’t working properly. Restore proper fuel (nutrition), organ functions, immune system response, and reduce toxic load and exposure, and son of a gun, more times than not, things start workin’ again.

In stark contrast, the notion that has been developed and sold by much of modern medicine and virtually all of the pharmaceutical community is that we are all hapless potential victims of every new mutated pathogen, rogue gene, disease and disorder that this dangerous world throws in our paths, and the best way to deal with all the mayhem is not through proactive actions or education that would promote superior lifestyle changes to restore bodily defense and balance, but the initiation and protracted use of drugs that have absolutely no intent or expectation of fixing the problems, but are instead designed to mimic or confound normal bodily regulation systems in order to keep the patient in a perpetual state of reliance on those drugs. The earlier in life one starts on drugs, the longer they will be both physically and mentally dependent on layered and cascading courses of medications. This is the harsh reality, which represents nothing other than a downward spiral for proper long term health management.

Unfortunately these two philosophies about the sources and paths to wellness are not only highly divergent in strategy, but represent virtual polar opposites with respect to how results are assessed and measured. The ideal outcome for natural medicine is to provide proactive preventative strategies and then be confident that an ongoing healthy report card is sufficient retrospective evidence of the wisdom of such strategies. Ideal outcome for conventional modern medicine has been reduced to reactively waiting until negative symptoms and conditions develop and then prescribing drugs and other courses of care to try to counteract those symptoms perpetually. “How long do I need to stay on these drugs Doc?” Answer: “How long to you want to live?”

Understand that the resulting process that has been established and refined within the last century through the FDA here in the U.S. may initially have had the best intentions of providing a proving ground to protect the uninformed and unwashed masses from being subjected to promoted drugs and other treatments that might be anywhere between ineffective to dangerous. But very unfortunately this same process has now been adulterated into being used to redefine and exclusively own such terms as “disease”, “treatment” and “cure”, and the game has been rigged to exclude virtually all protocols, products and services outside their powerful and growing purview from being considered as valid, effective or legitimate.

So let’s return to Autism specifically in order to illustrate this point: We certainly stipulate that the medical research community at large is aggressively looking for answers, but those answers must necessarily involve connections to some responsible pathogen, autoimmune disorder or genetic abnormality if counteracting pharmaceuticals are to be created, tested and eventually made available. For example; if a yet to be identified virus was isolated as a primary culprit in the formation of Autism disorders, this would mark a clear path toward development of a vaccine, and if indeed the inflicted damage to the child or adult is not found to be irreversible, then a remedy might also be possible and of value to those already affected. That would sure be great, but not many of us are still holding out for that prospect.

So what other productive directions should research take? Over the last number of years we have heard of literally dozens of different theories about potential standalone or cumulative causes of the symptoms of Autism and related disorders. Just a few of these would include countless dietary implications, vaccine damage, digestive disorders, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, maternal obesity, increases in cell phone towers and other resulting electromagnetic fields (EMF), combustion exhausts, pesticides, household cleaning chemicals…the list goes on and on. However, these all do have at least one factor in common: How on God’s green earth would you ever prove any of them to be the sole or pivotal causative factor in retrospect?

Because most of the theories proposed contend that there has been damage inflicted on the brain and/or other parts of the neurological system, and since prominent conventional wisdom is that such tissue may be compromised permanently, this presents a virtually impossible task of proving the associative cause(s) of the damage. I recently was a guest on a webinar presented by a medical doctor who was citing and reacting to studies that seemed to support much higher incidence of Autism in children who as infants were fed formula diets, especially soy-based formulas. The doctor made the comment that although these studies were very provocative, they reflected only retrospective studies with a good measure of anecdotal reporting by parents, so what was really needed was more “forward-looking studies” in order to assemble more empirical data.

Really doctor?…This depicts the ridiculous corner that linear thinking and outdated FDA testing protocols have painted us all into, which does not bode well at all for productive real answers in this day and age. In example; I’d like to propose a new Autism test program that I know all you expecting and new parents are really going to want to jump aboard. I’d like you to help prove my theory that soy baby formula dramatically increases the odds of children developing ASD’s. I think I need a few hundred of your babies please. Per FDA testing protocols, half of our test group of infants will be given non-soy formulas to serve as our control group (we can’t have any infants exhibiting psychological/placebo influences from the process), and the other half of the infants will be regularly fed the suspect soy formulas. In a year or so we’ll all get back together and see just how many of your children have developed various degrees of Autism! This could really help a lot of kids in the future, and really make me famous. Deal?

Are you kidding me?? Recall that our antiquated FDA testing protocols were obviously initially established to try to distinguish any benefits, as well as side-effects, in symptomatic test patients using both active drugs and placebos, with the expectation that the prospective drugs would create far more good than harm if and when they were ever released on the masses. But there’s absolutely no precedent or protocol (and very rightly so) for testing exposures or treatments of any sort on healthy people (especially infants I hope) in order to try to quantify the expected infliction of negative symptoms.

And there in a nutshell, wrapped up with a bow, lies the central core problem if we expect our conventional medical paradigm to ever come up with the answers for all those children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders:

The system is in no way set up to test or acknowledge anything that is intended to treat disorders with unknown causes, and we can in no ethical way expose asymptomatic people/children to any theorized contributing factors in order to try to induce negative symptoms and conditions.

So please consider this predicament: How in the world would we ever possibly prove that because infants and young kids were exposed to vaccines, mercury, lead, household cleaners, soy formulas, teething rings or anything else, that these factors produced even one existing case of an ASD? You can’t just orchestrate new exposures of such things to healthy kids and “wait and see what happens” – especially if your supposition is that the damage may be permanent. Due to the fact that a baby’s developing brain and other organs are like little sponges in their abilities to absorb chemicals and other toxins at rates 10-20 times that of adults, it’s only common sense that we all just agree to agree that toxic exposures for them should to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The same challenge holds true for the EMF-overload folks. Is there a chance that the brains and development of sensitive children could be disturbed by the increasing countless of millions of fields and frequencies that modern electronics are flooding into the environment upon all of us? Sure, why not? We totally acknowledge that one of the most pronounced attributes of ASD’s in both kids and adults is extremely heightened sensory input that results in compromised and overburdened processing, but again, how would we ever expect to prove this premise? Could we all somehow agree to turn off every cell phone transmission tower for a few years so we’d be able to do a forward-looking study to watch for lower incidences of new ASD’s? We’re not in any way trying to be flippant or disrespectful here; we’re just trying to be a little realistic.

But here’s our main challenge to credibility as proponents of the natural sciences:

By most current definitions, Autism is considered a “disease”, and therefore the only legal “treatments” that the standard of care can accept and promote, are drugs or other protocols that have been onerously paid for and then passed through the FDA approval process. By exception and exclusion then, any and all other potential remedying modalities are by default, illegitimate and illegal.

See the fun here?

So for the very many of us who know that such processes as nutritional improvement through specific dietary therapy are capable of dramatic and consistent benefits and even reversals in many cases, we have even another very special problem. Without a proven and accepted cause for the condition, each case of any person who appears by any measure to improve or return to normal after using such a dietary protocol, will be deemed anecdotal. Line up another 100 kids, or 1,000 kids who likewise improved or were re-diagnosed – sorry, but both individually and collectively, they’re all no more than anecdotal, non-scientific evidence of any results.

This my friends, is the fatal flaw in the conventional wisdom and logic (if you can even call it that) and the reason why the drug empire is scrambling to develop drugs that they hope to convince government, practitioners and parents, will either offer some concocted hint of protection against children developing new cases of ASD’s, or offer parents some higher levels of relief from the extreme behaviors that their kids are exhibiting, because this can understandably be very demanding work that might potentially represent a lifetime of assisted care. But hey, why not come up with some more pills to help Mom cope at the same time!

So this represents the research conundrum and dirty little secret that very few in the autism research community will ever tell you about. We can’t just keep pouring the vast majority of money and resources into tried and fruitless dead-ends. The broken paradigm must necessarily get out of its own way so that the highest potential, least expensive and safest non-pharmaceutical strategies can be revealed and implemented on a broad scale or we will surely experience a social and financial nightmare of unimaginable proportions and consequences.

The two primary camps in Autism theory and research continue to be divided between those who believe that an affected infant’s/child’s brain structure and development has been damaged as a result of some genetic variance and/or destructive autoimmune response, and those who believe that the majority of cases must be brought on or at least triggered by one or more environmental factors before and/or after birth, which might include various toxic exposures and early dietary patterns.

Those who suspect or believe that these conditions are caused by neurotoxic reactions of vaccines, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, etc., follow maybe the most disturbing and depressing paths of all, because virtually all of these theories assume the occurrence of actual brain damage, and therefore their main missions are to champion the causes of primary changes in the medical system and public education that will hopefully result in reduced incidences in new cases. They are therefore looking to their own tragic losses in the hopes of saving others. So very disturbingly, these theories don’t extend much hope for the vast majority of those kids and adults who are already affected.

Within the environmental factors team, there are still major disagreements about what I would call damage versus disruption.  Almost everyone agrees that one of the obvious and primary manifestations of the various causative factors is the disruption in the sensory and communication pathways that impairs behavior, socialization and learning, but still in great dispute is to what degree the brain is actually being damaged, possibly beyond repair, as opposed to primarily being disrupted in function?

Resulting from our nine years of experience, we tend to fall mostly on the disruption side of this debate. We feel we can logically take that position because of our ability to witness and hear about hundreds of children and many adults who have experienced reversals and reached points where their learning and socialization were able to return to that expected for their respective ages. In any case however, logic also suggests that the longer that even disruption is allowed to take place, the more one might suspect that damage and debilitation in perpetuity could result.

Is it possible that in some cases vaccines and other non-natural exposures can inflict actual cellular damage to a forming brain and other tissues? Absolutely, but remember that the vast majority of young children these days receive at least their normal schedule of vaccines, and obviously the majority of kids seem to escape at least the most impactful forms of ASD’s. Whether or not symptomatic children have received their vaccines, we have often times seen dramatic improvements and reversals through specific dietary therapy. Although we have come to believe in the concept that a young child may indeed reach and cross a total toxic load tipping point under the immune and toxic burdens of vaccines, it also makes sense to us that more than just vaccines are at work here in most cases.

Bear with me for yet another analogy to illustrate this disruption concept: Imagine a busy traffic intersection in any active city, and that a passing truck drops off a huge boulder that comes to rest in the center of that intersection. What is bound to occur? Maybe some of the cars are slowly able to work their way around the rock or attempt to find much longer ways around by locating alternate routes, but this inevitably turns into a virtually impassable snarl in traffic. The longer that the blockage remains, the greater the backup that is produced. At some point someone may be able to approach the center of the problem and remove the boulder to order to eventually allow the flow of traffic to return to normal, but of course the longer that the obstacle was present, the longer it would take to expect to restore normalcy.

In this story, think of the automobiles as communication within the human neurological system and the boulder as an impediment to that communication.  We believe that this analogy may apply to the majority, if not the vast majority, of the explosion of cases of ASD’s. We even think that we know what the boulder is actually made of in most instances. You can read all about our particular theories and supporting research on this subject at www.noharmfoundation.org.

So on the other side of things, where might the drug folks be taking our future? If the research community spearheaded by Big Pharma indeed believe that the best direction for new drugs is in attempting to reduce future incidence as opposed to much expectation of reversing the disorders in current cases, then what might they have on the drawing board to assist all the countless affected families continuing to try to cope and plan for the future of their children? Well, here’s a clue: These drugs may be more intended to provide relief to the parents than to the suffering children. If you can’t actually fix the kids to any significant degree, then at least sedate the heck out of them in order to make them more manageable.

But at some point this begs another and fair question: Are there those in the pharmaceutical industry who are actually searching for answers for prevention or treatment that would not involve the development of one or more prescription drugs?

In assessing the answer, here’s a simple but hopefully instructive little story: I give you a basket and tell you that I’ll give you $10 if you go into a nearby field and bring it back full of apples. What are the odds that you’re going to return to me with that basket instead full of rocks, and then ask for your money? Not great, for at least two reasons: First, I asked you for apples, and it’s not likely that the rocks will please me. Second, in your search for fresh apples, you’d most probably be looking upward into the trees for the fresh fruit, and not low on the ground where you would instead find the rocks.

There’s an old joke about a man who approaches a guy intensely looking around at the ground in a parking lot after dark. He asks what the man is doing and if he can be of help. The second man responds that he’s looking for the car keys he dropped. The first man asks where he last recalled seeing them. The second man points over to an area a good twenty yards from where they are standing. “Well if that’s the case, then why in the world are you looking around where we are now?” The second man responds, “The lighting is better over here.”

The same can apply to drug research. Scientific studies and research dollars are quite focused regarding discovery and outcome, and inherently to the exclusion of directions that might lead to results that do not have profit making potential.  Am I suggesting that there are no researchers for Big Pharma who have interest in locating the truth…regardless of where that truth takes them? Nothing of the sort. But please understand that there is far less money and other resources being offered up for research that has no potential to result in anything of proprietary value, and without the engine of such profit potential present, there is simply far less energy to back other investigations. So see, they’re all looking for apples, and only ones that can be patented.

Ok, so where might we start finding the real answers for this huge mess? Well, the very first thing to do is to stop following a classic definition of insanity, which is doing the same wrong thing over and over with the expectation of achieving different results. We know that the statistics are continuing to go in the wrong direction, and obviously the last thing that we can hope to expect from the FDA, any other levels of government or the drug industry, is divergent thinking and actions. Our children simply don’t have that much time. It’s unreasonable to look for useful and passionate natural and preventative strategy advice from your government. That’s just not what they’re set up to do.

Instead, I strongly suggest that you as individuals and parents voraciously educate yourselves as to the lies that have been told to us for a very long time about the true sources and necessities of proper nutrition and about achieving and sustaining wellness. The purpose of this particular writing is not to attempt to provide that specific education, because there are plenty of excellent researchers, practitioners and authors out there that you can utilize in your journey. Please just don’t ask them if their natural strategies and best attempts to help improve the wellness of you personally or your child, is “FDA Approved”. There is a ridiculously logical answer to that question, and hopefully you will now have a better appreciation of what that is.

Be far less afraid of trying to supply superior nutrition to your infant or young children than of the next highly experimental drugs that are coming down the pike. Sure, a little more food costs and self-education may be required on your part, but that will represent your most risk-free option and a very good first effort. The drugs will always be there waiting for you, trust me.

Just as important will be your vigilant and persistent protection of your freedom and rights to health choice in order to preserve your options at this time and in the future. There’s not enough money and resources available in the world to fix all the sickness that exists right at this minute, let alone to handle all the new kids and adults who may be likewise destined to be stuck in the broken system if the trends are not reversed and the projected statistics are realized. Don’t look to the government for the answers! YOU, and only you, are the master of your own fate, so just accept and get comfortable with it.

We are increasingly confident that the only big answers for the health of the people of this nation and of this planet will only come from advancements in delivering better foods and superior nutrition. Boat loads of more drugs will never represent adequate answers. Witness that people are taking more drugs than at any other time in history, and they’re only getting fatter and sicker. You certainly don’t have to take it from me. Just take a look around and then use your own common sense and expanded education to locate and prove the truth to yourself and guide your way through all the disinformation. You owe it to yourself and to your family.