Welcome Message

A Welcome Message from our Chairman, Douglas Young

Thank you for your interest in the work of Shauna K. Young, PhD, CTN regarding her unique achievements in producing real progress and solutions for Autism and other disorders within and outside the recognized “Autism Spectrum”.

Since 2001 I have had the pleasure of serving as General Manager of the Assertive Wellness Research Center located in Durango, Colorado, and over that time I have been witness to nearly miraculous reversals in the health and wellness of a great number of individuals with highly-varied ailments and conditions who have had the confidence to travel to the Center from every U.S. State and a number of foreign countries, solely as the result of private and professional referrals.

One of the most astounding testaments to the power of natural medicine and proper nutrition that we have experienced has centered around Dr. Shauna’s work since 2005 with hundreds of children and adults who had been suffering under the symptoms that have been clinically diagnosed as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Asperger Syndrome and other closely-related learning and behavioral conditions cast under the net of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s).

Resulting from her intuition, training, extensive clinical experience and unwavering persistence, Dr. Shauna has rediscovered a long-ago identified condition of toxicity and imbalance in the human body that points to a direct link in causation to a high percentage of cases of ASD’s. Just as important, she has also theorized and subsequently produced the evidence time and time again that a safe, uncomplicated and inexpensive dietary and supplement protocol is capable of producing rapid, undeniable and apparently non-regressing reversal and/or elimination of symptoms in an unbelievably-high majority of the cases that she has been able to personally work with.

Dr. Shauna’s work has proven to us and a growing army of others that not only is there a common nutritional and dietary link to many cases and syndromes along the Autism Spectrum, but that in a large percentage of such cases we find that the conditions and symptoms are highly and rapidly reversible.

Such effective reversals of symptoms can in many cases be achieved with no more than implementation of uncomplicated and manageable changes in diet, and in contrast with many other dietary strategies, the first noticeable improvements can often times be incrementally seen over days and weeks as opposed to having to wait many months or even years.

This is neither a promotion for a treatment device, drug, supplement or other product, nor in any way an assertion that we have complete answers to this highly complex problem. In reality, we have absolutely nothing to “sell”, to you or to anyone else, so please accept our invitation for a free download of this information and strongly consider participating with us in this imperative learning project immediately. Parents of the world – This information is first and foremost a gift to you, so please make maximum use of this information and forward it on to everyone you know.

One of our primary intents in releasing and freely sharing this vital information at this time is to hopefully be joined by as many open-minded practitioners and researchers as possible in order to rapidly expand this exploration globally a thousand fold, and with that, the vast number of affected children and families that can be benefiting from this program – Not ten years from now, not five years from now, but immediately!

This material shouldn’t represent a difficult or overly-lengthy read for you since our research and theories, although a departure from most of the herd, need not be seen as rocket science. We’ve done our best not to present this information as a technical writing, but in a way that the average person and parent will also be able to appreciate, understand and even implement from home.

We know that surely some percentage of those who decide to follow this Protocol will achieve no dramatically apparent result without individual professional assistance, but the potential upside here definitely justifies giving it a try. There’s certainly nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

In this challenging economy, not many families out there have the thousands of dollars a month that’s required under many current drug and other therapy models, which attempt at best only to mitigate symptoms and urge acceptance of those persisting, in blind management of these perplexing syndromes. Our intentions are to prevent countless new cases of these disorders and to offer families already affected a new treatment option – A low-cost, non-invasive, non-toxic and effective option that anyone can afford to try, and without risk. We believe that this discovery may also be destined to bring positive redirection and new hope for many predominantly adult disorders such as OCD, Chronic Depression, Bipolar/ Schizophrenia and possibly even Alzheimer’s.

Admittedly, we have not yet had availability to the financial resources, research facilities with guys in white coats, office personnel and other tools that may be required in order to reach every possible and finite conclusion before bringing this information to this point of public disclosure and sharing. However, I believe that armed with the resources at hand, it is truly astonishing that Dr. Shauna has been able to accomplish what the heavily-supplied and well-funded research centers have not revealed, or chosen to reveal.

Our extreme preference would to be able to supply you at this time with a list of trained practitioners local to you, but regrettably that resource does not yet exist. There is no doubt that the potential for maximum individual success increases greatly where one-on-one assessment, consultation and coaching with a nutritional professional is possible. But due to the fact that enough of Shauna’s clients have shared no more than their copies of her dietary protocol with friends and relatives who have subsequently reported being able to achieve various levels of undeniable success on their own, we gained the level of confidence that a great deal of benefit could be achieved from home until broader resources become available to all.

So what you have free access to here is hopefully enough background and scientific foundation to let you know that Dr. Shauna didn’t just pull this notion out of thin air, and to everything we know of as of this present point in time about how you can implement this process right in your own home. We’ll just all have to wait a little longer for a sufficient number of additional medical practitioners to come along for the ride.

This is highly important subject matter and we truly hope that this material will start to supply part of the answers that you and countless other families are searching for. Please understand that this story has been a very difficult and a regrettably-long process in getting out, and although certainly not all of your questions will be answered in this writing, it is our most sincere goal that the broad public release of this information will spark and usher in an entirely new paradigm in research and real help for countless suffering children and adults.

So please help us get this word out to the deserving and frustrated public by emailing this information to everyone on your lists who sincerely cares about helping the millions of children and adults and growing who may be unnecessarily suffering with these conditions in virtually epidemic proportions. Together, we can put a stop to much of this. If you are with the media and/or otherwise have questions prior to helping us circulate this vital no-cost information, we would be pleased to have you contact us and to earn your trust, confidence and support of this effort.

People are always asking us, “If this works so well, then how come everyone doesn’t know about it?” We’re so ridiculously tired of hearing that question, but after reading this information, at least you will represent one more who knows about it!

We sincerely hope that you decide to join and help us with this crucial effort for the future of this and the next generation of our children.

Thank you.